Monday Walkabout

It's Monday and the sunshine called me out of the house. Instead of sitting inside, crocheting the day away, I opted for a little city walk. My little city walk turned into a 4.4 km stroll through my new favorite spots in the city. I took a few selfies while soaking in the vitamin-D, snapped… Continue reading Monday Walkabout


Art on the Straße

Vienna is an astounding city. I exaggerate not. It boasts historical buildings, flourishing public gardens, cafes and bars on every corner, a diverse population, and a dog loving culture. We couldn't have moved to a better place. But one thing I didn't realize before moving here is that the street art is spectacular.

A little winter love

I can’t remember a time when I looked forward to snow. Sure, I gleefully accepted the chance to stay home when my high school cancelled classes due to snow or freezing temperatures. I’ll even crochet 50 scarves with the hope of wearing one, yet still be displeased when it’s cold enough to wear one. Again, not Winter’s biggest fan.



If you've known me for more than 30 minutes, you'd know I am a total yarnoholic. I walk into a yarn or craft store and the euphoria sets in. I'm a giddy 5 year old gazing at a chocolate fountain. When I open the door, all I see are stacks of worsted weight and shelves of alpaca.


Welcome to Vienna

Our adventure opens as I sit in a hotel room, thousands of miles away from home.... Our old home. This morning, as I've done every day for the last three weeks, I woke up in Vienna. Austria.


Homeless and still happy

We've been living in Vienna for 21 days now. Three whole weeks living in a hotel room, managing the dogs, school, work and getting to know a foreign yet beautiful city. So we're not exactly homeless.


“It’s a maximum of 8 weeks, ma’am.”

Our five year plan always included a move to Europe. After three years in Boston, our plans moved up with an incredible opportunity for my wife and I. Her bucket list city has forever been Vienna.