The road to 40 is paved with personal development

About two years back I was struggling with what I wanted to do with my life. Most people describe that as a typical mini-midlife crisis. I wasn't a nervous wreck, breaking down and buying a new rack or anything. I just constantly felt I needed to do something else with my life. I didn't hate… Continue reading The road to 40 is paved with personal development


Not invisible

Growing up in a large school system, you become just a number in a class of 30+ students. Your teachers know your name, but not who you are. You spend an entire day just waiting to be noticed, but there's no time. You aren't the squeaky wheel. You are a folder in the records room… Continue reading Not invisible

Art on the Straße

Vienna is an astounding city. I exaggerate not. It boasts historical buildings, flourishing public gardens, cafes and bars on every corner, a diverse population, and a dog loving culture. We couldn't have moved to a better place. But one thing I didn't realize before moving here is that the street art is spectacular.

A little winter love

I can’t remember a time when I looked forward to snow. Sure, I gleefully accepted the chance to stay home when my high school cancelled classes due to snow or freezing temperatures. I’ll even crochet 50 scarves with the hope of wearing one, yet still be displeased when it’s cold enough to wear one. Again, not Winter’s biggest fan.