This weekend was the Vienna Wool & Design Festival. A festival for wool? Yes please! €10 per day entry on day of? TAKE MY MONEY!! Don't ask why I didn't purchase my weekend pass in advance. It's a sore spot in my soul. I am acutely aware that I shorted myself €8 for yarn in my budget.… Continue reading Stash


Monday Walkabout

It's Monday and the sunshine called me out of the house. Instead of sitting inside, crocheting the day away, I opted for a little city walk. My little city walk turned into a 4.4 km stroll through my new favorite spots in the city. I took a few selfies while soaking in the vitamin-D, snapped… Continue reading Monday Walkabout

Art on the Straße

Vienna is an astounding city. I exaggerate not. It boasts historical buildings, flourishing public gardens, cafes and bars on every corner, a diverse population, and a dog loving culture. We couldn't have moved to a better place. But one thing I didn't realize before moving here is that the street art is spectacular.


Homeless and still happy

We've been living in Vienna for 21 days now. Three whole weeks living in a hotel room, managing the dogs, school, work and getting to know a foreign yet beautiful city. So we're not exactly homeless.


“It’s a maximum of 8 weeks, ma’am.”

Our five year plan always included a move to Europe. After three years in Boston, our plans moved up with an incredible opportunity for my wife and I. Her bucket list city has forever been Vienna.