The road to 40 is paved with personal development

About two years back I was struggling with what I wanted to do with my life. Most people describe that as a typical mini-midlife crisis. I wasn’t a nervous wreck, breaking down and buying a new rack or anything. I just constantly felt I needed to do something else with my life. I didn’t hate being a florist. I’ve worked in flowers for 18 years. You don’t last that long in the industry unless you truly love it. And believe me, I still have a spot in my heart for floristry. But somewhere along the line I realized that self care was seriously lacking in my life. That meant less 12 hour days. Less holidays worked instead of being with my family. More sleep and less strain on my body.

Thus began my experience as a Beachbody coach. As I followed a friends progression on her coaching journey, I noticed a running theme in her daily posts: Personal Development. 10-30 minutes a day focusing on the inside, not just the outside. I hadn’t come to that point in my daily routine. To me, PD was about being broken and needing fixed. It was the “Self Help” section at B&N. Stacks of books filled with smiling doctors telling you how to fix the emotional cracks in your psyche.

Eventually I happened upon a post by one of the top coaches in my feed. This was a post listing suggested PD books. I’ll admit that curiosity compelled me to open to and see what titles this list was comprised of. While the number was immense,  I found my book. The one I’d carry in my gym bag or purse for weeks until I finished it. The one I gifted to others because it just made sense.


You are a Badass by Jen Sincero changed everything for me. Not only did I find myself laughing in every chapter, but also forgetting that it was PD. That lead me to read it a second time and actually work the exercises and suggestions throughout.Over the last two years I have read a PD book  approximately every two months.

Today I am turning 39. I am 365 days away from 40. And like my dear friend Lisa said, “Age is nothing but the number of years people have been blessed to know you.” Now, I am sure someone else said is first, but it sure struck the right heartstring.

This year I am still making the commitment to focus on my Personal Development, but with a more focused reason. I am in a new culture. I have no current career, taking time away from flowers. Who am I at 39? Well, we’re taking our first step on that path.

First we start with inspiration. My best friend shared this article with me from the Huffington Post back in 2015. Whether it is 2015 or 2017, the practice is effective. The article revolves around the theme of balance and personal development outside of your successful work life. While I will admit I certainly zeroed in on work development, I didn’t fully understand the value of defining core values and core roles to define your core goals. Remember, I’m newish to the PD world.

My next book, while still working with the HuffPost article, is Arianna Huffington’s book  Thrive. I am not sure what to expect, but have heard good things from friends working their PD. I let y’all know my thoughts about the books I delve into as the year progresses. Are there any PD books you can suggest?

Update 09. Oct. 2017: Personal development has taken on a whole new life for me. Not only have I enjoyed working the Goal Setting mentioned above, I have a few more books to work with. 10384603_10153254056585686_8553072953589050331_n.jpg 








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