Winding Yarn: Procrastination at it’s finest

My yarn stash is something that brings me great comfort. I enjoy pulling a skein, or hank, out of the bin and imagining what it may become. It’s an activity that I can stretch to fill an entire afternoon, occasionally a full day. Who doesn’t want to spend their time feeling content and brimming with wonder? At this very moment I have 4 WIP and a notebook of patterns whispering to me from across our flat. I’m even one to sit at my computer, Pinterest loaded up, pen ready and notebook open with the intention of hand writing any inspiring pattern I find. Who needs to print them out, when you can fill in all that beautiful space with handwritten hdc, dc, sl st, and my personal favorite, hhdc?

Over the last 7 months I have excelled at filling my hours with more wasted time than productive activities. But winding yarn? Personal favorite. Need to write my CV? Spend an hour untangling that hank of fingering weight while catching up on Orphan Black. Now, I can’t just leave it laying there loosely on the sofa. The dogs might decide they need more fiber in their diet. So let’s spend another 45 minutes winding it into a ball. No problem, since there’s another episode to watch. At that point I’ve spent 90 minutes avoiding the responsible task, yet I’ve been “productive”. Right?

Why stop there? Don’t I have 4 more skeins from my last trip to the Wolle store? And down the rabbit hole we go. It’s a slippery slope that is so much fun to ride. Now I find myself needing to find a little job outside of the home. So, having spent a few sleepless hours finishing the CV that I so efficiently avoided last month, I need someone to send me a suitcase of worsted weight to keep me occupied through April.


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