Art on the Straße

Vienna is an astounding city. I exaggerate not. It boasts historical buildings, flourishing public gardens, cafes and bars on every corner, a diverse population, and a dog loving culture. We couldn’t have moved to a better place. But one thing I didn’t realize before moving here is that the street art is spectacular.

Last August we attended Calle Libre, an Austrian Street Art Festival. Mind blowing! This festival took place all over the city, celebrating street art in so many forms. But the best event, in my mind, was Bites & Vibes. It took place in the courtyard of a beautiful building I believe is called the Alte Post; Old Post in English. It featured local creatives selling their steampunk creations, prints, and a few vintage resellers. Along with them was a selection of incredible food and local distillers/brewmasters. Me and mine, we’re food and drink people. Put an incredible burger in front of me and I’m a peach. Needless to say, we were in heaven!


Since we’ve settled into our little neighborhood, walking the city all winter, I’m discovering that the graffiti and artwork isn’t limited to the festival. Yes, you have the expected “tagging” seen in every city. But there’s so much more to find. I’ve begun collecting iPhone photos of stenciled faces painted on random buildings in Josefstadt, our little neighborhood. So far, I’m hooked on the hunt.

In addition to the little faces hidden in plain sight, I’ve stumble upon an interesting stairway in the 6th or 7th district that showcases street art legally done. There’s even an officially spray painted post to prove it… or is it? You be the judge.

I apologize for the amber lighting. I took all of these on an evening stroll with my iPhone5. I wasn’t close enough to capture the artists signatures, but I do know a few were featured artists of Calle Libre 2016. This is the artistic and moving city we currently live in.


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