If you’ve known me for more than 30 minutes, you’d know I am a total yarnoholic. I walk into a yarn or craft store and the euphoria sets in. I’m a giddy 5 year old gazing at a chocolate fountain. When I open the door, all I see are stacks of worsted weight and shelves of alpaca. I breath in the color, close my eyes, and picture all the afghans I will someday make. At this stage in my life I am up to 1300 afghans, 800 scarves, and even a few pairs of mittens. If you look at my Pinterest boards, the yarn possibilities are endless!

I recently returned to Boston for a few weeks. During that time I took advantage of the opportunity to raid our storage unit for my yarn stash. I sifted through boxes of books, winter clothes and what not to find my yarn. There they were, Ship 1st and Yarn Ship 2nd. What can I say? I have priorities.

So I dug into the boxes and came home to Vienna with an entire bodypillow case full. There was worsted weight, wool, cashmere, sport weight…. All the beauty a stash can hold. There’s purples, oranges, teals, whites and grays. I found peacock, amethyst, saffron and ice blue. With this score in mind, you’d think I have enough. But addicts never have enough. Especially when dealing with yarn. Ask any crocheter or knitter. There’s never enough yarn. There’s always something more to make, to do, to buy. So we turn to Pinterest and craft blogs. I know I do.

Yesterday I found a beautiful place. One click and I’m in dazzling yarn heaven. Vienna is a wonderland of wool and yarn. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I found online shops with locally died yarns. These yarns leave me inspired, and typically broke. I just had to share my love of this shop.

Maggie P  is a stunning shop of worsted weight and merino wools dyed in vibrant ombre shades. Though the site is all in German, as most are here, the pictures alone are worth delving into. I purchased a skein of Mangrove 3ply *stranded* 800 meter yarn and it’s a soft, squishy bundles of green awesome. Coco has asked for a new scarf and picked this scheme out herself. I’m think a little arrow feel, ala Green Arrow? Maybe with a shade of lichen in there? I’ll be sure to post pictures when I am done. The weight is so light, I’ll need a little time to get used to it.


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