Homeless and still happy

I’m a nervous traveler. Complete honesty requires I state all this up front. You’ve seen me, or someone exactly like me, at the airport. This is me:

1)  I’m that girl in line at security looking at her watch while the TSA agent takes an extra 15 seconds to smile and answer a young boy’s question.

2) Before standing impatiently in aforementioned line, I arrived 2 hours and 20 minutes before my flight.

3) I fidget constantly with my boarding pass to make sure I have it in hand, have the right terminal, the fastest line for TSA, enough time to get to my gate, etc.

4) I absolutely do NOT like sitting down to eat before my flight because, and this has never in the history of my travel life happened, the plane begins boarding early.

Yep. Me. Thank goodness Coco balances me out. She’d love to arrive with 30 minutes until boarding, slide through security and walk right onto the plane to find our seats while the cabin door closes. She’s become a pro at it.

We’ve been living in Vienna for 21 days now. Three whole weeks living in a hotel room, managing the dogs, school, work and getting to know a foreign yet beautiful city. So we’re not exactly homeless. We enjoy the comforts of 4 walls, a bed, and modern bathroom facilities. But when all is said and done, I’d like to find a flat that also includes a kitchen. Cooking is something I miss dearly. One can only eat meals out on the town so many times before leaving to get food becomes a chore. A costly chore.



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